Originality.AI Review 2023: Your New Modern Plagiarism Tool

If you are publishing content on the web, this Originality AI plagiarism tool is a must!

Learn more about this tool in our Originality.AI review guide at AIContentBox!

Originality.AI is a new modern-age plagiarism tool and the first GPT-3 capable AI-based content detection tool.

Phenomenal content needs to be original.

With the amount of content one develops every day, an accurate plagiarism checker is essential for your business.

Unfortunately, many plagiarism tools are inaccurate, inconsistent, or just plain broken.

Well, thankfully for us, a new state-of-the-art tool has been developed!

Meet Originality.AI

A Modern Plagiarism Checker and an AI Content Detector Built for Serious Web Publishers!


  • This Study shows Google is capable of detecting AI-generated content
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What is Originality AI?

Originality.AI is the world’s first AI that is capable of detecting GPT-3 generated content from tools like Jasper.ai, Rytr.me, Copysmith.ai and more!

Originality is AI Trained to Expose AI Content

Think of Originality.AI as the Terminator (AI detecting AI) 🙂

Read the case study showing how Originality.AI successfully identified content produced by 5 of the popular AI content generators:

Study : Can Google Detect AI Content?

Originality.AI was first built to replace the current outdated plagiarism checker everyone uses but no one likes.

  • A Modern Plagiarism Checker built in 2022 for serious web publishers and not ~2002 for students (*cough* CopyScape). It includes features we all need as web publishers…
  • Dashboard — Get a complete picture of who is on your account and what has been scanned
  • Scan History — Trust but verify… now you can see what content has been scanned on your account and if any plagiarism was detected
  • Add Team Members — You no longer need to change your password every time you add/remove a team member
  • Future Update — Full site scan — just enter a URL and it will scan every article
  • Future Update — Bulk scan — upload multiple articles

World’s First GPT-3 AI Detection — Google has made it clear that it is concerned about and taking steps to protect the web from spam AI content.

Don’t get me wrong I like using AI writing tools when they are used in conjunction with a human to verify and add value… however using AI is a risk I want to knowingly accept on some of my sites AND NOT on others.

Right now I am concerned that I am paying writers and they are simply using Jasper.ai or similar to produce content and pass it off to my editors as the original.

Now I can know when I am accepting the risk of publishing AI content and when I am only publishing human-generated content.

Do you know if your content writers used AI to generate the content you are publishing?

Originality AI Pricing: Less Expensive Than Copyscape!

Originality.AI is less expensive than Copyscape with a flat $0.01/100 words for unlimited team members, unlimited sites (future) and as many scans as you want. 

Never worry about your editorial team grinding to a halt until more credits are added again with auto-billing. 

Originality AI Discounts: Get 75% Off Cyber Monday Launch Week Deal! 

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