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AI Content Box is an informational website that presents articles about the following topics:

  • Technological wonders in content marketing;
  • Checklists and expert recommendations regarding content promotion;
  • Comprehensive solutions for relevant questions in the AI content writing field;
  • Reviews of new AI writing tools for entrepreneurs;
  • Case studies of AI content websites;

We are open to guest posting.

Why do you need to create a guest post on AI Content Box Blog?

Our target audience is business owners, SEO experts, content writers, digital marketers, and bloggers.

If your content piece can be useful or interesting for them, you should share it.

What are the advantages of guest posting on our blog?

  1. Show that you are an expert in a certain topic;
  2. Find a new audience for your content;
  3. Share your thoughts and interests with people that are just like you.

If you have doubts regarding what is better to tell about, comment below at this post.

In your comment, mention the topic and a few statements about what you would like to share with blog readers.

We’ll try to help you in any way we can.

What should guest posts on AI Content Box Blog be like?

Quality rather than quantity. It is not our aim to get as many guest posts as possible.

First and foremost, the AI content box blog should be a source of useful information for our readers.

We have a few criteria for guest post quality:

  • Guest posts should be written exceptionally for our blog (no plagiarism);
  • The text part should be well structured and easy to read with subheadings, numbered and marked lists, highlighted extracts, etc.;
  • Images, videos and/or screenshots (.jpg, .gif, with primary source mentioned);
  • Relevant and useful information;
  • More examples, fewer empty sentences.

The amount of content is not in priority. The only condition is your guest post should meet the intent of the topic.

We believe 1200-3000 words is sufficient to convey an idea through guest post. But if your guest post is much more extended, we do not mind.

Apart from all of the above, mind that the final draft may need to be refined.

A lot of bloggers do this. We try to make the content interesting for our readers.

Share your content ideas in the comment section below or send an email at!


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