OpenAI’s New GPT-3 Model: Davinci

OpenAI’s GPT-3 models can analyze and generate natural language.

They have four main models with different levels of power which are suitable for different tasks.

Among the four GPT-3 models, Davinci is the most capable AI and Ada is the fastest.

What is Davinci or text-davinci-003?

Davinci or text-davinci-003 is the most capable AI model to generate natural language. It can perform any task the other models can perform and usually with less instruction from the user.

Text Davinci 003 produces the best results on applications that require a lot of understanding of the content.

Because of these increased capabilities, Davinci costs more per API call and is slow as compared to other models.

The intent of the text is an area Davinci excels in. It is quite helpful in solving many kinds of logic problems and explaining the motives of characters.

Some of the more challenging AI tasks have been solved by utilizing such algorithms.

Davinci is good at: Complex intent, cause and effect, and summarization for the audience.

text-davinci-003Most capable GPT-3 AI model. It can do any task the other models can do, often with higher quality, longer output and better instruction-following. Also supports inserting completions within the text.4,000 tokensUp to June 2021

Davinci 003 GPT-3 Model Content Examples

OpenAI adds ‘text-davinci-003’ to its list of main GPT-3 models.

Text-davinci-003 can do all tasks other models can do, while also ensuring high quality and longer output, and better instruction following.

Example 1

Check out this poem written by text-davinci-003 AI model on the topic “Google’s core update” by Charly Wargnier.

Example 2

This one is generated by Alexis Rylko on the topic “Google complains to Bing“.

Enjoy the poems generated by the Davinci AI model.

Example 3

Here is another example from Ethan Mollick on text-davinci-003 GPT-3Heres AI writing model.


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