Excellent News: Jasper raised $125m in funding

Here is some exciting news about Jasper AI software raising a Series A, releasing new features, and what it means for you all – their existing customers.

Jasper AI Evolution

They’re only getting started here at Jasper AI.

That’s why they’re using this funding to invest right back into their customers through product upgrades and enhanced customer support.

Over the next several months, they’ll build a world-class team and get all the right people in place to really take Jasper AI to the next level.

Part of getting to that next level is looking ahead to where their product and industry will evolve.

While you’ve come to know them as your trusted AI copywriting assistant, Jasper has already become so much more than that through the release of Jasper Art.

You’ll see them make the move from referring to themselves as an “AI copywriting assistant” to an “AI content platform” because they plan on growing into a solution that solves all of your content needs — not just written text.

Jasper.ai’s new abilities

They released three new templates:

  1. LinkedIn Post Creator
  2. One-Shot Blog Post
  3. Content Summarizer

1. LinkedIn Post Creator

As a marketer, writer, or business leader, you know how important it is to stay visible and engaged on the digital platforms your ideal clients use most.

You also know how much time goes into crafting the perfect post to get the results you want.

Jasper’s LinkedIn Post Creator will give you back that time while also getting you those results — it was trained on some of the highest-performing posts ever on LinkedIn!

Whether you want to create informative, thought leadership, or more sales-focused content, the LinkedIn Post Creator is the dream tool you’ve been waiting for.

2. One-Shot Blog Post

A lot of you have already tried this one out and, man, they have heard some rave reviews.

One of the biggest pieces of feedback they’ve heard over the past year is that you wanted to use Jasper AI to create blog posts even faster, and now you can!

They’ve had so much fun working with the One-Shot Blog post, they hope you do, too.

3. Content Summarizer

The Content Summarizer helps you get the key bullet points from a piece of content.

They think this template is perfect for our users who want to repurpose long-form content into intro/closing paragraphs, social media copy, landing page copy, or other short-form content.

Introducing Content Workflows

They want Jasper to make your life easier and a big part of that is making him as flexible as possible so you can fit him into your existing workflows.

That’s why they’re releasing, well, Workflows.

Everybody works differently, and content workflows will allow you to customize and build your own Jasper workflows to fit the way you work best.

Jasper Art Image Upscaling

They heard you — bigger is better.

Jasper Art can now produce images in two new sizes:

  • 2x — 1024×1024
  • 4x — 2048×2048

Welcome to hi-res Jasper Art!

PS. You can also now buy Jasper Art as a stand-alone product.

The Jasper Chrome extension is here

They’ve worked hard on things like Boss Mode to make sure Jasper is a joy to use when you log into their platform, but writing happens everywhere.

So they’ve decided to bring Jasper everywhere, too.

With the Jasper Chrome extension, your favourite templates are now at your fingertips when you’re working in:

  • Google Docs
  • Email
  • Canva
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Webflow

And so many other tools and platforms vital to your everyday workflow!

Download the Jasper Chrome extension here.

Jasper for Business

Jasper is the AI Content Platform for companies of all sizes, giving everyone on your team an AI assistant to collaborate together on content and 10X production efficiency.

Have a team of 10+ people? Schedule a demo to see how Jasper can improve your workflow.

Free credits for every Jasper customer

As a thank you to those who have been so loyal to them, they’re giving every customer 10,000 free credits.

And if you’re an annual customer, you’ll get a bonus of 150,000 credits to celebrate this milestone!

If you’re not an annual customer but you don’t want to miss out on 150,000 credits, don’t worry — if you switch to an annual plan anytime before November 1, you can still claim the 150k bonus!

What does it mean?

There is increasing AI adoption at a broader level, and investors are seeing the growth potential in this niche.

What does it mean to you?

You can reach out to your customers and educate them about the use case of AI in the research and writing process. You can explain to them how to get better results in less time and money.

Results–you get more clients willing to work with you on AI-assisted research and writing.

What does it mean to AI Industry?

Jasper getting funding is a great sign for the entire content creation ecosystem using AI.

As you start working through Jasper AI, you will realize the research and writing potential is altogether on a different level.

What can you do to add value?

You are already an AI writing evangelist when you are inside this software and reading this message. You can do the following.

Start more intensive immersion with AI writers’ capabilities and tell the outside world how excellent their results can be if they invest little time in Audience Persona research.

Start endorsing AI writing on LinkedIn and other platforms.

You can unlock progressive discounts to offer your clients if you run an agency business.

Join their team as an Account Manager or Affiliate Partner with Jasper and promote it to more prominent brands with higher budgets as a part of your pivoting to an enterprise-level SaaS & service provider.

Final words

AI writers’ capabilities are powerful, and we are even more determined to take this new tech ship to more challenging waters.

They will pivot to an enterprise model with significant gains to unlock for you and future enterprise customers.

AI writing capabilities are powerful, and we are even more determined to take mote it to more prominent brands with higher budgets as a part of our pivoting to an enterprise-level SaaS & service provider.

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