Copysmith Acquires Frase & RYTR to create CopyRYTR

Birmingham, Alabama, October 6, 2022, News Via

Copysmith, a leading provider of AI-powered content marketing and copywriting solutions has acquired Frase AI and Rytr AI.

Copysmith acquires Frase and RYTR to create a new platform called “CopyRytr“!

They are launching, this new platform to provide a collective of AI-powered content and SEO marketing solutions that support millions of creators worldwide.

Copysmith Acquires Frase AI & RYTR AI

Here is the announcement from Copysmith’s Twitter handle.

Here’s the quote from Tomas Ratia, Frase AI founder:

I’m excited to announce that Frase has joined the Copyrytr family, a new collective of AI Content brands that also includes Rytr and Copysmith.

Tomas Ratia

Day to day, nothing will change. We’ll be operationally independent and we’ll continue to support every existing customer (yes, including Appsumo AI writer deal users).

We’ll also continue to develop awesome new features at breakneck speed, just like we always have.

The biggest change you’ll notice is that Frase will, for the first time in our history, have access to the resources needed to transform into the most impactful SEO Content Tool in the world.

Why did we do it?

In the past 2 years, the AI writing landscape has quickly evolved, from nothing into a global and mainstream industry.

I believe this was the right time for Frase to partner with new investors so we could be better prepared to win in this market, specifically within the SEO domain.

Secondly, I would have never sold Frase for it to be absorbed into a large company and potentially disappear.

This acquisition allows Frase to continue operating as an independent brand, except with additional resources.

Lastly, I trust the people we’ve partnered with. We’re working with Providence Strategic Growth (PSG), a world-class private equity fund based in Boston, which is also where Frase is headquartered.

And all of this was orchestrated by Shegun Otulana, CEO of Copysmith, who grew his previous startup into a multi-billion dollar company. I am excited to work alongside PSG and Shegun in this new chapter of Frase.

What happens now?

This is a funny thing to write about because the truth is that Frase technically joined the Copyrytr family a year ago.

We held off on announcing because, to be honest, we’ve been focused on other things.

Since we joined Copyrytr, we’ve released over 28 new features, making it the most productive period in our company’s history.

We’ve also grown the company’s revenue by over 3X.

The most important takeaway is that Frase will continue operating independently to accomplish our mission: to develop a platform that allows anyone to create content that can rank on Google.

I want to thank all of you for joining us on this journey.

About Copysmith AI

Copysmith is an AI-based content software that supports large teams to create outstanding content at scale with the help of artificial intelligence. They drive business growth by empowering enterprise and eCommerce teams to generate powerful and easily distributable marketing content that converts. For more information, visit

About Frase AI

Frase is one of the best AI Content and SEO content optimization tools on the market, with thousands of customers using powerful AI to research, write and optimize SEO content, faster. For more information, visit

About Rytr

Rytr is again an AI-powered copywriting tool launched in April of 2021, and they haven’t looked back since. They offer the two most affordable Rytr pricing plans. Supporting over 2 million freelancers, writers, marketers and small teams, their vision is to become the de facto, all-in-one copywriting assistant that will work across your whole writing workflow. For more information, visit

About CopyRytr

Copyrytr is a strong collective of content creation tools designed to significantly grow your business. No matter your industry or size, you can benefit tremendously from Copyrytr.

It is working on content and copywriting platforms that leverage the power of artificial intelligence to grow your conversions and digital footprint.

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